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Health Issues That Don’t Permit You to Use Vidalista

Health Issues that don’t permit you to Use Vidalista


Whether you buy Vidalista online or are prescribed any alternative ED medicine, you’ll have to perform a health check first. By this health check, we mean that you’ll have to discuss your medical history and more information that gives your doctor an overall idea of what your medical condition is up to.

Most ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medicines belong to the PDE-5 inhibitor class of drugs. This means that they perform internal enhancement of the erectile mechanism so that erections improve naturally. For instance, Vidalista 20mg or any other dosage of this medicine contains Tadalafil (a PDE-5 inhibitor). Similarly, Cenforce, Kamagra & Fildena contains Sildenafil which is also a PDE-5 inhibitor class of drug.

Thus, ED pills boost sexual performance in a similar fashion only. So, it gets to be an important thing to learn about the minute details that may affect your health while undergoing treatment with Vidalista 40 or any other impotence medicine.

We’ve coined out some major health issues that should be discussed with the healthcare provider without fail. This not only applies to Vidalista 60 but any other ED medicine you’re being prescribed.

5 Critical Health Issues That May Stop You from Using Vidalista

  1. Heart Disease

Your doctor may ask if you have ever had cardiovascular problems, had heart surgery in the past, or scheduling one in the near future. The reason is that heart diseases are linked with erectile function. It has a huge impact on men suffering from ED. Also, if you undergo treatment for heart diseases then you may not use impotence medicines.

  1. Kidney Disease

We can say that ED is a common problem among men already suffering from kidney diseases. Almost 80% of kidney patients have impotence. It is because the cGMP production is affected and sufficient blood isn’t transferred to the male genitals because of nerve-clogging. Hence, you’re supposed to let your doctor know about this without fail.

  1. Liver Disease

Not only ED but infertility and chronic hepatitis B is also a major problem among patients with liver diseases. Around 26% of men with liver diseases have ED. This means that if you have liver issues then your doctor may need a special diagnosis to determine the right ED pill for treatment.

  1. Glaucoma

Studies show that patients suffering from glaucoma are two and a half times more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction as compared to those who don’t have this eye disease. You must have got the idea about how critical it is to suffer from glaucoma and ED together.

  1. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

Though women are not allowed to use Vidalista at all, you should know that this limitation should be strictly considered for women undergoing pregnancy or breastfeeding phases. If you force women to consume Vidalista Black 80 during pregnancy, it can cause excessive blood loss during labor. Also, Tadalafil can pass to your child via breast milk if lactating women are dosed with this ED medicine.

Final Lines

Just in case if you wonder whether ED pills should be used if you have any major health issues then you should let your doctor decide this. Only then you can figure out whether you’re eligible to use Vidalista Professional or not. Also, it isn’t necessary that these major health issues are limitations. Sometimes, if the situation permits, your doctor may gather the courage to prescribe the initial dosage on a trial basis so that your health isn’t affected & the ED problem is also resolved.

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